Mocap Troupe News

I am thrilled to have been accepted into the ‘Shapes in Motion’ Mocap Troupe.


"The Mocap Troupe are a group of professional and agent represented Actors & Physical Performers who are experienced and emerging Motion/Performance Capture Artists & Creature Performers. Their skill sets and talents go above and beyond just Motion & Performance Capture work, they can be called upon for live action physical and creature work also. The troupe are coordinated by Sarah Perry who works closely with all members to develop and sustain skills useful and required for both Performance Capture & Creature Performance work."

I began pursing Motion Capture back in 2016 and since then have trained with The Mocap Academy at AudioMotion Studios with Neil Newbon and have taken numerous workshops with Sarah herself at 'Shapes in Motion' as well as being a member of her 'Fitness and Wellness Club'.

I am delighted to be working closely with Sarah and the other members of the troupe developing an array of skills that can be utilised within motion capture performance.  

Further details for the troupe, including my Mocap Troupe Profile can be found at